G R A S H O P P E R S  e.V.
Citychampion                         1998 / 1999 / 2000
Cupwinner                              1998 / 1999 / 2000
Supercupwinner                     1998 / 1999 / 2000
Hallcupwinner                         2000 / 2001 / 2002
Frank Goesch

dear sirs,

we, die grashoppers write you, because we will do something special.
We will your intresting for the guiness world records.
Project: „GRASHOPPERS-50 hours Football“

With all the people of hamburg, we will start this.

And This is my Footballclub:

We are the „Grashoppers“ from Germany and we play anno 1995 as a footballclub.

Together we are ca. 100 Players between 8-55 years. We play in all parts of germany. We are to be involved in big benefiz challenge for the „German Help for Childreen"
Since Saison 1997/1998 we play the first one in the „Rostocker Citylige“ and fight for Championstitle, the Cup of Lige and the Supercup.
Since 1996 we as well organize the „Masters in The Hall of Freetime Teams“ since then to a big traditon.
For the years the challenge go out of the national border to „Mecklenburg / „Vorpommern to developed and now teams from other federal state strive  participation to thias challenge too.
That this event a big  enthusiasm find, it`s because that public figure, public football player and many companys from the region and all of germany take parte active an this „Fußballspektakel“.
Celebrate the ten anniversary 2008

We have made any plans.

We will start the guiness world record attempt, to play the longest soccer.
Together with our City Hamburg and many other big and small Spotrsclubs we will atempt the reality. We need there for your support.
When you give your ok, as given we will try to reach the Team.
So look this:

Two teams consist of 20 players are going to play soccer through 50 hours.
The field is as big as a handball field...
Because of the high numbers of expected spectators there will be a huge crush that's why the game is going to be open air.
But the field is covered by a huge advertising awning to be prepared for maybe unexpexted rain or something like that.
During the game are always one goalkeeper and four field player on the field.
The other involved's job is to be there always and they are never allowed to leave during the world record attempt.
It is possible for the players who are not just playing on the field to have a rest, sleep or do something they like in little campers.
For all medical care of is shure that of this event.
The Player can eat and drink it is enough available.
A big Hamburger media sales rep would be send 50 hours about this event.
Für all device about notary,  Videotape to as well sure that.
You can see our planing work flat out.
Up to all the competition charactererfüllt, so in all games to be fall over 1000 goals an on the other side, the winning team get a big present.
Now we need only your ok.

I hope we can win your intrest for our Project“Grashoppers-50 Hours Fottball“ and i`d be very pleased if you give your agree.

Many greets a lot of thanks
Frank Goesch  (Teammanager)